Mark Shapiro

Episode 211 - February 26, 2019


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Putting yourself out there and showing the world your real self can be intimidating. As human beings, we crave acceptance from our peers and always want to be seen in the best light. And in a world where superficiality and always 'looking cool' is the norm, it takes a brave person to share who they truly are with others.


And for Mark, it's not just a good idea; it's fundamental to our happiness and peace in the long run.


If you truly want to be appreciated and be at peace with yourself for who we truly are, and not for who others want or think us to be, you need to give others a chance at seeing the real you. And with a little practice, being the real you at all times can become the new status quo.


In Episode 211, Mark records a solo episode where he presents a compelling case for why we should remove our masks and let others see more of who we truly are, when it’s a good time to be vulnerable, and why social media doesn’t always (if rarely) reflect what’s actually going on.  He also shares an exciting new project we're working on with the Are You Being Real Facebook page!  We hope you'll join us in highlighting the 'real' you come across.







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Show Notes:

-Why connection requires attention.

-The simple, but intimidating, key to being seen more.

-How Social Media and the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" relate.

-Why we need to be aware if we're acting like the Sun or the Wind.

-The benefits of taking off our 'masks' and showing our true selves.

-An invitation to find your edge and be the real you.

The new Are You Being Real? Facebook page project to highlight 'reals.'



Things to Check Out:
Robert Greene's The Laws of Human Nature
The "Are You Being Real?" Facebook Page

Episode Quotes

“If we really want to be seen for who we are, perhaps we should share more of who we are.”


“It’s all about taking off ‘the masks.’”


“Embracing and accepting all of who we are and putting it on display is the greatest way to tap into our own super powers.”


“It’s really exhausting to be in a place where we’re not fulling accepting ourselves or being inauthentic.”


“In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul.” -Unknown