Mark Shapiro

Episode 207 - January 29, 2019


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Are you being real about how you celebrate your birthday?


It seems that everyone has a different relationship with their special day.  Some people make it a point to let everyone know it's coming up and that they're invited to join the celebration. Others are dead set on keeping it a secret from the world. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, it tells a lot about you (or in this case 'TEL's, tune in to see what we mean)!


In this Episode 207 of Are You Being Real, Mark goes deep into birthdays and why they matter.  He talks about what inspired him to send out birthday videos to all of his friends, what it's like to be on the receiving end of videos, what his relationship to his own birthday is like, and he shares important tips to help us avoid the 'birthday blues' and how we can acknowledge and celebrate others even when it's not their birthday.


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Show Notes:

-What birthdays 'TEL' about you.

-Why is Mark researching birthdays?

-How mark got inspired to send birthday videos and why he only sends them to about 2/3 of his friends.

-Why he chooses to send 'birthday' video, specifically.

-What's his relationship to his own birthday?

-Tips on how to avoid the 'birthday blues' and how to celebrate others (whether it's their birthday or not).


Things to Check Out:
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Episode Quotes

"Birthday's 'TEL' a lot about ourselves."


“Allow yourself to receive all the love.”


“Make every day your birthday.”


“Make everyone around you feel like everyday is their birthday.”