Mark Shapiro

Episode 227 - June 18, 2019


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If your life was a movie, what would you see?


What would be some of the key defining moments?
What would be some of the central themes?
What would be the biggest struggle you face your entire life?
What’s going to be that transformational moment where it’s all going to make sense?


More often than not, the most satisfying endings to stories don’t come from the plot twist or the action sequence, but from the lesson the character learns and how they overcome once they’ve understood the change that needed to occur within them.  These lessons sometimes have been there in front of the character the entire time, but they weren’t able to or didn’t want to see them.  These are what we call ‘blindspots.’


By identifying and addressing these blindspots, we clear a path to be able to reach where we ultimately want to go. Which is why Mark decided to dedicate an entire solo episode to the subject and share his insights and tools for tackling the blindspots that commonly show up.


If you're ready to learn how to see your own blindspots and address them for your own personal growth's sake, then check out Episode 227 of People Being Real!






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Show Notes:

-What is a "blindspot?"

-Why our brain creates blindspots.

-Why Mark felt the need to dedicate a full episode to blindspots.

-Popular blindspots we all have.

-How Mark sees blindspots and constructive feedback he's received.

-Tools that help Mark address his blindspots.

Episode Quotes

“Our blindspots stand between where we are today and what we ultimately want most.”


“There is no shame in having blindspots.”