Mary Jo Lorei

Episode 111 - April 4, 2017


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Mary Jo Lorei is a master coach, facilitator, and trainer. She’s a pro at seeking out life’s delicious moments and she never stops living with curiosity. In today’s conversation we cover everything from theology and sexuality to creative life hacks that will make vacuuming more fun, and teach you how to change your problems into exercises in abundance.


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Show Notes:

-The difference between judgement and discernment

-The pivotal moments that made Mary Jo who she is today

-How to clear out the old and let in the new

-The secret to eternal youth

-What Mary Jo learned from helping her parents transition out of life

-The different between real and Real

-How to stay centered in your truth while in relationship with others

-The many avenues of sexuality

-How to allow yourself to get turned on

-Creative life hacks… vacuuming, bathtubs, and problems of abundance


Links Mentioned:

-Visit Mary Jo's Website

-Read The Artist's Way

-Get your Are You Being Real? merch


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about what’s Real?

Episode Quotes

“Everything is an opportunity to invite in joy.”


“You can change your perceptive in a heartbeat.”


“Stand up for what you believe in, even if nobody agrees.”


“Sometimes you've got to love people enough to say things they don't want to hear.”


“Every time I shut down my voice, I tell myself my voice doesn’t count.”


“Curiosity is the secret of eternal youth.”


“Relationships are the greatest place to flush out our own stuff.”


“When I have problem, I look for how it’s a problem of abundance.”


“Life is a great spiritual teacher. Tragedy is a great spiritual teacher. Triumph is a great spiritual teacher.”