Michael Trainer

Episode 214 - March 19, 2019


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To make the greatest impact during our short stay on this planet, it's important to always be pursuing our 'peak mind.' Some of the most crucial elements for a peak mind include a growth mindset, positive habits, authentically sharing our gifts, and not putting off tomorrow what you can let shine today. And that's exactly what


Michael is the co-founder of Global Citizen and the host of the newly launched podcast called "Peak Mind with Michael Trainer." He's also one of Mark's best friends. And although they're both cut from the same cloth and have interviewed some of the best minds of our time, Michael hasn't wanted to publish his interviews or his podcast until now.


To get the inside scoop to why now was the right time to share his podcast and why a 'peak mind' is so important, check out Mark and Michael's interview on Episode 214 of the Are You Being Real? show! They also go into how authenticity plays into achieving a peak mind, lessons he learned from Tom Petty's death, and some practical tips to building rapport with anyone, including strangers (something Michael is gifted at).







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Show Notes:

-Michael's "Am I Being Real?" story.

-The importance of sharing your gifts and receiving feedback.

-The intersection of authenticity and a 'peak mind.'

-What held Michael back from sharing his podcast sooner.

-The importance of meeting people where they are at.

-How Michael creates rapport with anyone, including complete strangers.

-Important issues we should all be educating ourselves on for the future.

-What we can expect from his podcast, "Peak Mind with Michael Trainer"



Things to Check Out:
"Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins
Peak Mind with Michael Trainer

Episode Quotes

“Authenticity is about vulnerable sharing of our unique gifts.”


“Until we start to practice what we preach, our song will never have a resonance.”


“The world is a manifestation of our collective internal state.”


“Create impact from the inside out.”


“The people that are most vital and alive are the most curious.”


“Whatever your song is, sing it.”