Neeta Bhushan

Episode 165 - April 17, 2018


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Neeta Bhushan is the author of Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, and change your world. In today’s episode we discuss what emotional GRIT is, why it’s a vital skill that everyone can benefit from cultivating, and how you can start today. Tune in to learn how Neeta overcame huge adversity and built a million-dollar dentistry practice before she was thirty, and then why she left it all to embark on a journey of self discovery. If you’ve been wondering… Does humor have a role in the self-development world? What is success? How do we find true happiness? …this episode is for you!


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Show Notes:

-How Neeta overcame adversity and built a million-dollar dentistry practice before she was thirty

-Why she left it all

-The plight of the people-pleasers

-How to measure success

-Where to look for true happiness

-What is emotional GRIT

-How to recognize fear-based leadership

-The role of humor in the self-development world

-Tangible tips to practice — starting now!


Links Mentioned:

-Watch School of GRIT TV

-Get your copy of Emotional GRIT

-Sign up for Sunday Success


Episode Quotes

“Happiness isn’t selfish.”


“Be unapologetic, courageous, and vulnerable.”


“Don’t forget to serve yourself first.”


“We forget to have fun, we forget to play, and we forget to just not take it so seriously.”


“Humor calms people down so you can go towards edges where before people would not want to go.”