Rangan Chatterjee

Episode 167 - May 1, 2018

Rangan Chatterjee on The One & Only with Mark Shapiro


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Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is the author of the new book How to Make Disease Disappear and the star of the hit BBC One series Doctor in the House. Dr. Chatterjee uses four simple pillars of health to transform the lives of his patients and, literally, make diseases disappear. In today’s episode Dr. Chatterjee shares his simple approach to living a happy and healthy life, discusses why we do things that we know aren’t good for us, and lays out his strategies for how to change those habits. Tune in, and get ready for your five-minute kitchen workout!


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Show Notes:

-How Dr. Chatterjee found the path to serving others

-Dr. Chatterjee’s four pillars of health

-How we overcomplicate medicine

-Why we do things that we know aren’t good for us

-How to overcome inertia and make simple changes

-What is the five-minute kitchen workout… and why it works

-Sleep and the No-Tech Ninety

-How How to Make Disease Disappear is different from other health books

-Can we really make disease disappear?


Links Mentioned:

-Get your copy of How to Make Disease Disappear

-Watch Doctor in the House

-Watch Dr. Chaterjee's TEDx talk

-Sign up for Sunday Success


Episode Quotes

“When you go upstream and you look for the root cause, often you find that the root cause is our modern lifestyles.”


“I’m not interested in complicating health. I want to make it simple for people.”


“I don’t think that telling people what to do really creates longterm behavioral change. I don’t tell people what to do — I want to empower you, I want to inspire you, I want to make health feel achievable to you.”


“I’m interested in research, but I’m interested more in results — What works for the person opposite me?”


“Half the stuff I do with my patients now, I didn’t learn in medical school, I learned either from my own study, or from my own life experience.”