Rory Kramer

Episode 224 - May 28, 2019


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When Rory Kramer was last on the show three years ago, he was already a professional 'life-liver' expressing himself creatively and doing what he loved.  And with so many different projects and opportunities coming his way since then, time has flown by for him and has allowed him to grow exponentially in all areas of his life.


Perhaps one of the most important things he's been reminded of time and time again, and something we would all do well to do, is to dare to live the life we want.

As Rory will tell you, just because you reach a certain level of fame doesn't mean you won't be faced with challenges, insecurities, and down-moments. In fact, they may even become more pronounced when you compare them to all the highlight you experience.


But regardless of what life throws at you, if you show up, put in time, live what you do passionately, and 'run it' every day, great things will happen and incredible experiences will present themselves in your life.


To hear what Rory's been up to for the past three years, lessons he's learned from fame and storytelling, and other insights into what 'living life professionally' and daring to live looks like, check out Mark and Rory's interview on Episode 224 of People Being Real!



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Show Notes:

-How to 'feed your soul' and balance your mental, spiritual, and physical aspects.

-What Rory's been up to and what he's learned over the past three years since he was last on the show.

-Why Rory doesn't do very many podcast interviews.

-What ingredients Rory uses when it comes to storytelling.

-Lessons he's learned from fame and authenticity.

-How Avicii's passing affected Rory.

-What it means to 'put in time' and the responsibilities influencers have as role-models.



Things to check out:
Music Video: Avicii's "The Nights" ft Rory Kramer
Music Video: "For Every Valley, There Will Be A Peak"
MTV's Dare To Live

Episode Quotes

“It’s nice to be a fan of something just for the art that they make.”


“It’s hard to let go of the pressure you build for yourself.”


"Fame is a double-edged sword."


“Be a good person. Follow Your Heart. Do What You Love. Believe In Yourself.”