Rory Kramer

Episode 47 - January 11, 2016


Rory Kramer is a professional life-liver. He went from an office job to creating videos for some of the biggest names in music in less than 2 years.


But success didn't actually happen overnight, and Rory has overcome hardships and a 9-5 job to create a life that he wanted to live. In this podcast, he gives his top 5 moments from his epic life, plus shares some personal stories he has never shared publicly before.


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Show Notes:

-What is a professional life liver?

-How he ended up working with Justin Bieber

-How he left his 9 to 5 job to start shooting and editing video

-Why he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life

-What rock bottom looks like and how it feels 

-The moment that made him turn his life around

-The value of adversity

-The pressures of being a professional life liver


Links Mentioned:

-Rory's TEDx Talk

-I forgot how much fun fun was

-Avicii - The Nights

Episode Quotes

"A professional life liver is happy with who they are and support themselves doing something they love."


“Do what you love and opportunities will present themselves”


“Fear is a sign that you want to see it through”


“Screw fear, block it out, RUN IT”