Samantha Skelly

Episode 126 - July 18, 2017


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Samantha Skelly is a bestselling author, speaker, coach, and the founder of Hungry for Happiness. She works to support women to end their battles with food and their bodies. Tune in to today’s episode to hear how Samantha is rewriting the way we think about weight loss, how to recognize the difference between real and emotional hunger, and why it’s time to stop wearing masks that aren’t serving you. 


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Show Notes:

-What masks are you wearing?

-How food is a drug

-The mission of Hungry for Happiness

-How Samantha feels about dieting

-Why sustainability is key to weight loss

-Why pain and anxiety do not define you

-Why foods should not be labeled as good or bad

-How to recognize emotional hunger

-How to become a master manifestor

-Why it’s important to listen to your body


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Hunger for Happiness

-Get your Organifi supplements today


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about your truth?

Episode Quotes

“Stop consuming everything. Listen to yourself.”


“We are infinite beings of light and love with incredible creative ability.”


“Food is the most accessible drug that we have.”


“Physical weight on our bodies is simply a representation of the emotional weight that we’re carrying.”


“Pain is a teacher. Anxiety is a teacher.”


“My body has way more knowledge than my mind.”