Scott Norton

Episode 210 - February 19, 2019


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What does it take to build a successful brand and business?
What does it take to change a company culture?
What does it take to build authentic brand loyalty?
What does it take to disrupt Big Ketchup?


Masterful Authentic Storytelling.


This is what Scott Norton used to take Sir Kensington’s, a popular condiment brand built on integrity and charm, from a small startup to ultimately being bought out by Unilever. From the backstory of the titular character “Sir Kensington” to the story weaving of how the company sources its ingredients and labor, the art of authentically telling a story has been a crucial ingredient every step of the way. And it’s not something that’s just unique to him. Anyone can tap into their own experiences and creativity to build a brand like his.


In this episode, Mark and Scott talk about the origin of Sir Kensington’s, how Scott redefined his role at the company so he could play to his strengths, why company culture and finding balance as a manager is so important, and what integrity and charm mean. And of course, Scott also openly shares his most effective authentic storytelling techniques.





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Show Notes:

-The origin story of Sir Kensington's and Scott's journey as a co-founder.

-How Scott used his strengths to change the company culture.

-Scott's take on finding Balance as a manager.

-Some of Scott's favorite storytelling elements.

-Scott's biking trip around the world and the lessons he learned.

-Why Scott is interested in cybersecurity.

-The importance of 'integrity' and 'charm.'

-The one lesson he would want his son to learn.



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Sir Kensington's

Episode Quotes

“If you want to be successful, don’t be a go-getter, be a go-giver.” -Scott Norton's grandfather


“If you want to create value for yourself, think about how to create value for others to earn that back.”


“When we build something, we put part of ourselves in it.”


“You motivate with feelings, not with thoughts.”


"Possibility is really rooted in your tenacity."


"Tenacity is really crucial to manifesting your possibilities."