Sebastian Terry

Episode 196 - November 13, 2018


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Sebastian Terry is tv host, TEDx speaker, and an advocate for kindness. But while he has always longed for connection, he didn't always have the scope of impact on others as he does now.


When he was younger, Sebastian tried playing into the status quo.  He played sports, he got a degree from college, and he started his own business. Yet, he still ended up feeling lost and without purpose.


It wasn't until the death of a close friend that he stopped to evaluate and realized that sticking to the status quo wasn't helping him find his purpose. So he created a list of 100 things to accomplish before he dies.  As he progressed on that list, he had the realized that what truly brought fulfillment for him was to help others work on their own list of things to accomplish. This realization helped sparked the 100 Things show on Go90 and the new app to marry kindness and connection called KINDSUM which is bound to make real worldwide impact.


Being kind and connecting with others often comes down to just being willing to speak up and give a little time, energy, and care. If you'd like to know how you can do your part in making this world just a little kinder, tune in to Episode 196 of Are You Being Real!



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Show Notes:

-How Sebastian dealt with the loneliness he experienced when he moved to Los Angeles.

-What Kindsum is all about.

-Different examples of kindness that can be given.

-What activities Sebastian likes to do when he's catching up with someone.

-How thinking of yourself as 'a rookie' can both serve you and get in your way.

-How using self-deprecation can be a double-edged sword.

-Where would Sebastian rate his own kindness on a scale from 1-10?

-How to get involved with Kindsum.


Things to Check Out:
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Episode Quotes

"We all have this ability to be kind."


"There’s nothing else on this planet I would rather do than connect people."


"You don't need money to have an impact on someone. You just need time, energy, and care."


"Everything is abundantly available to us without money, if you tap into it in the right way."


"We hugely underestimate ourselves until we try."


"Whether you want to help yourself or help other, the first thing you need to do is give yourself permission."


"I’ve never met a person who’s regretted leading with the heart."


"We want to be kind, but sometimes don't know how to be."


"Curiosity drives learning."