Sloane Trugman

Episode 204 - January 8, 2019


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We've all felt like a 'fish out of water' or experienced challenges in our lives that make us want to hide to protect ourselves, both physically and emotionally. As an empath, Sloane Trugman struggled to be in environments that were too intense,  and so her place of choice was under the bed or in the closet where she spent much of her time as a child.


But as Sloane grew up, she began to realize that she could use her empathy and ability to see and recognize the diversity around her to help others. Whether it's standing up to bullying or speaking to The United Nations about digital data rights, she's using her skills to make a difference in the world.


In Episode 204, Mark goes deep with Sloane to discuss what events in her life most greatly contributed to her development, why Sloane is so passionate about data and understanding the relationship between humans and machines, and why Mark feels she's a great friend.


If you've been hiding who you are and are ready to embrace your gifts and use them for good like Sloane, tune in to this episode and learn more about how this extraordinary woman is using her gifts to pioneer into the future and help others.


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Show Notes:

-Sloane shares about her difficult family life growing up.

-Sloane talks about how she began to use her skills and gifts to stand up to school bullies.

-Return On Intentionality”, and how can it change the future

-How Sloane dealt with being sexually harassed by a male superior in her government dream job.

-What Sloane wishes everyone were more real about.


Things to Check Out:
Sloane's TEDx Talk: ROI Return on Intentionality | TEDxCSUSM

Episode Quotes

“I had this hunger to practice observation.”


“I became obsessed with my suffering.”


“People should be more real about what's really affecting their capacity to thrive in their lives.”


“I would like everybody to dive into the joys of their existence.”