Steve Sims

Episode 144 - Nov 21, 2017


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Steve Sims makes the impossible possible. Through his company Bluefish, he makes once in a lifetime experiences happen for the rich and famous. How does Steve help his clients’ dreams come true? By cashing in on the most powerful currency available to all of us: real relationships. In today’s episode, Steve discusses how building, sustaining, and leveraging quality relationships can help you achieve anything. Tune in to learn the secrets of the man who has been called the real life Wizard of Oz.


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Show Notes:

-Why relationships are the best currency

-How to leapfrog off of credible relationships

-How to position your ask

-Asking questions that cannot be answered with “NO”

-The importance of transparency

-How to approach a celebrity

-Sustaining relationships over time

-The beauty of video… bringing tone to your message

-Why you should read an email aloud to yourself before hitting send

-How you know when you are being real


Links Mentioned:

-Get a copy of Bluefishing

-Get your Organifi Green Juice


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about your relationships?

Episode Quotes

“Always challenge yourself — don’t stay stagnant.”


“Its only impossible until someone does it.”


“Never ask a question where the answer can be ‘no.’”


“If your relationships are weak, you won’t get anywhere.”


“Everyone is unique before they start playing someone else’s vision.”


“The biggest currency that everyone should be focusing on right now is not bitcoin — it’s relationships.”


“I don’t want to be easy to understand, I want to be impossible to misunderstand.”