Taryn Southern

Episode 49 - January 25, 2016


Taryn Southern is a YouTube sensation, creating comedy videos, music, and talk shows. She has blazed her own trail along the way, and attributes her success to a super power we can all tap into: hard work.


In this episode, Taryn opens up about her challenging 2015, how she re-gained her creative flow, and what she wants to do next with her unique career.


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Show Notes:

-How to build a massively successful YouTube channel

-Why hard work created success

-How to use fear as motivation

-The impact of societal pressures

-The value of empathy

-Key ingredients for a romantic partner

Episode Quotes

"Being in the public eye, sharing only the best and happy moments can be deceiving and harmful to people"


"Authenticity is being comfortable in one's own skin & not compromising values. Accepting the NOW, whether good or bad & without judgement"


"The second we put our insecurities out there, they dissipate"


"The process of understanding who you are is ongoing"


"Empathy is a gift"