Question of the Week: March 14th

Am I present, am I in alignment with what’s real to me, and am I acting from love?


This is the question of the week from blogger and Hug Nation founder John Halcyon Styn, and this week’s guest on The One & Only Podcast.


Are you making decisions from this place?  Do you have your own decision making code?  Let us know, below and share the love and what’s real and/or challenging for you.


It’s an excellent 3 part question, especially when faced with a big decision, and/or a challenging or tempting moment – and a testament to choose from a place of love & truth versus fear, pressure or people pleasing.  It could also be used as a decision making code.


For more from Halcyon, tune-in to The One & Only Podcast, where we discuss the importance of finding & sharing our unique gifts, and the difference between emotional & authentic love.