Question of the Week: March 7th

Are you making self-honoring choices?


This is the question of the week from Huffington Post authenticity & vulnerability contributor Jessica Winterstern, and this week’s guest on The One & Only Podcast. It’s an interesting question, one that is perhaps directly tied to your level of happiness and whether you are satisfied with the current landscape of your life. As the more self-honoring choices we make, the more we are living in integrity with what is real and true to us – which typically translates into a greater level of self-love, fulfillment, and perhaps even a healthier life.


Where do you feel most challenged to make self-honoring choices? Can you still be in service to others, and not be overly selfish by doing so? Chime in below in the comments section.


For more from Jessica, tune-in to The One & Only Podcast, where we discuss the importance of finding & sharing our unique gifts, and the difference between emotional & authentic love.


Jessica Winterstern