IN-Q. The lyrical poet. The modern day Walt Whitman.


In this chilling piece of art, listen to In-Q‘s words of Superheroes and super powers that reside in us all. Watch as the words flow through his body creating a peaceful dance. 



The words he speaks are truthful. They are pure. They make you think. He says that the mission of Superheroes is to save humanity from itself. “It’s a metaphor for how we look outside ourselves for help…I choose to look to me and you.”


Step number one: Be present.


Look to this moment, because it is all you have right now and it’s fleeting away before you realize it’s gone.


Step two: Embrace the possibilities of each moment.


Slow down to understand it. Listen, look, feel, let your senses rejoice in abundance. By embracing where you are right now gives the power to you. It topples over fear and doubt. This moment is yours, so how will you choose to live in it? Will you be happy? Sad? Angry? Depressed? Joyful?


Step three: Courage.


Look in the mirror, face yourself and face your truths. Realize what you really want to do and do everything to make it happen. Create the opportunities. If you get scared, then you are doing something right. The unknown is terrifying, but exhilarating at the same time. “It’s a process…there is no here or there. We’re on the journey and we’re learning.”


Step four: Laugh at the truth.


“Sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that pulls you through.” Have you ever had a moment when something awful just happened and you don’t know what to do so you laugh about it? At that moment, it doesn’t seem so bad. That laughter triggered something in your brain which releases “feel good hormones” and the heavy pressure of the situation suddenly lightens up.  It’s a natural form of medicine. The attitude of gratitude will come up and put life in perspective. You become light-hearted.


Having fun is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Life is good. Believe in you and me. Believe in us, the human race. Be the superhero and save the day with love. You have the power!


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