The Pill That Makes Dreams Come True

Do you have a goal or something you really want but haven’t realized yet?


What if there was a magic pill you could take (like in The Matrix) that would turbo-charge your dream and help turn it into a reality?


Believe it or not, it does exist! It’s called Xpill and was created by my friend, Robbe Richman.


But its magic doesn’t come from what’s inside (it’s just brown rice powder); it comes from the powerful intention setting process Robbe created that focuses on 4 key elements.


1. Get crystal clear on what you want & why…as often times we think we want one thing (i.e. money, a relationship, or a materialistic item) and truly want something else (i.e. to feel love, connection & importance).

2. Work through the “why & why nots, what if’s, if only’s” and unseen motives—that are currently getting in the way or are slowing us down.

3. Identify the kind of person you need to be for this to happen. What feelings, habits, and traits would help to create the desired results most efficiently?

4. Make a powerful declaration and commitment to the goal at hand. Speak it aloud with confidence!


Curious to see what the Xpill experience looks like or find it too good to be true? Tune in to Episode 192 of the Are You Being Real Podcast.


Robbe and I set powerful goals, go through the complete Xpill process, and also talk about dating in the modern world, and our struggles with self-acceptance and being real.


Wishing you a clear, intention-driven week!


Much love,