Why We Lie

Everyone lies.


And even though we’ve all been taught from a young age that it’s bad, we still find reasons to lie to others and to ourselves. Be it our elected officials, co-workers, or our close family and friends, no one is immune from being tempted to bend (or even break) the truth.


But why do we lie?


We’re complex beings. We’re all trying to do the best we can, given our individual circumstances. And while some may come from ill-intent, most of the lies we tell and encounter on the daily come from one of the following reasons:


•To avoid consequences and punishment.
•To protect others.
•To protect ourselves.
•To maintain our privacy.
•To experience the thrill of it.
•To be polite.


Whether or not these seem like valid reasons to you for lying, there’s something to be said about living a ‘radically honest’ life. Take it from Pauly Ting; who’s built his professional career around speaking his truth and helping others do the same (even when it’s “f***ing scary”).


Curious to see what a ‘radically honest’ life looks like professionally and romantically? Listen to Episode 194 of the Are You Being Real Podcast!


Pauly and I get super real about why we lie, the value of telling the truth, what ‘radical honesty’ is, and how to effectively tell the truth. It’s definitely worth multiple listens.


Wishing you an honest, truth-filled week ahead!


Much love,


PS: Next week, I’ll be continuing the conversation around truth with an interview I recorded with Lauren Zander. She’s a master at helping others living a bullshit-free life. Stay tuned!