5 Keys To Relationship Building

Miki Agrawal is a pioneer of self-expression who is out to change the world. She has created products that aim to change societal norms and make the world a better place, and is the bestselling author of Do Cool Sh*t.


Breaking the silence on topics that cultures deem taboo, Miki founded a company that makes period-proof panties for women (Thinx) and an eco-friendly bidet (Tushy).


Miki credits a great deal of her success to establishing key partnerships with incredible people, and here is her formula for building a trusted network.


Miki’s 5 Tips for Relationship Building


1. Give!  Ask “How can I help you?” before requesting favors/support


  1. 2. Ask a lot of questions to show you care


  1. 3. Be an excellent listener


  1. 4. Give honest compliments and praise


  1. 5. Surprise and delight – do fun things


For more of what’s real to Miki, tune-in to her appearance on The One & Only Podcast, in which Miki shares how to market yourself and/or your business in a way that it is unique & gets you the results you desire.