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Body Language Reveals What’s Real

Renowned psychologist, Amy Cuddy is an expert on body language, studying how the body can betray humanity when we are caught lying.   Cuddy states that seventy percent of people (in a poll taken in sixty-three countries) believe that they can tell when someone is lying to them because they don’t make eye contact. And while that… Read more »

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How To Be Both Real and Kind

In a day and age of heightened sensitivity, even the smallest remark can be taken disrespectfully and set someone off. So, how does one express them self without hurting others?   Buddhist psychology says to ask three questions: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?   Let’s break it down.   Is it true?   If… Read more »

5 Keys To Relationship Building

Miki Agrawal is a pioneer of self-expression who is out to change the world. She has created products that aim to change societal norms and make the world a better place, and is the bestselling author of Do Cool Sh*t.   Breaking the silence on topics that cultures deem taboo, Miki founded a company that makes… Read more »

Cody Simpson’s Code To Authentic Living

Cody Simpson burst onto the scene and became an international pop-star after being discovered on YouTube and signing his first major record deal on his 13th birthday, back in 2010.   After releasing two enormously successful pop albums, and amassing millions of fans around the globe, Cody (now 18) left the label deal behind to follow his heart and… Read more »