Being Real About Our Negative Thoughts

According to Hara E. Marano (Editor In Chief at Psychology Today), we experience 25,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day and 70% of them are NEGATIVE.


What do we with all of those inevitable dark thoughts?


Pretend they don’t exist?
Brew on them?
Own & learn from them?


Between coaching hundreds of people, and from my own personal discovery, I’ve noticed that most people either try to hide their negative thoughts or use them as a reason to complain – versus approaching them more objectively and responsibly – in a way that allows you to see how those thoughts are guiding you and perhaps holding you back.


In this week’s group episode of the Are You Being Real Podcast, Preston Smiles, Amber Valdez, Caitlin Turner, and Zach Puchtel join me for a refreshingly honest conversation where we openly share our most limiting beliefs about ourselves, and how we are learning from them.


Feel free to tune-in and take the opportunity to assess how you respond to negative thoughts and the impact they are having on your life – as they can either be a major source of stress or the pathway to freedom!


Much love,