Preston Smiles, Caitlin Turner, Amber Valdez, & Zach Puchtel

Episode 171 - May 29, 2018


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On this week’s episode, we shake things up by bringing four friends of mine into the studio as part of a new group format we are experimenting with here at Are You Being Real.  This concept was conceived from the positive feedback we received on Episode 149 where I brought in 5 of my friends and just sat around and talked about life and what’s real for us.


This week's guests are:

Caitlin Turner: an empowering Instagram influencer (@gypsetgoddess).

Zach Puchtel: a musician and transformational author of the upcoming book "The American.

Amber Valdez: The "Life Purpose Cheerleader" coach and author of Stickie Affirmations.

Preston Smiles: a popular transformational YouTuber and founder of 'Man Cave,' an online brotherhood of conscious men.


They discuss what limiting beliefs are STILL holding them back even after doing their own personal development work for years.  They all share honestly and openly except for one guest that gets called out while the microphones are still rolling (listen through to the end to see how this guest responds). It’s refreshing to see that even those you may admire and hold up with admiration and respect are also humans just trying to find their own truths.


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Show Notes:

-Why Amber submitted this question.

-How Amber was feeling out of integrity with her message and what she's doing about it.

-How Preston compares himself to other successful people and how he's working on it.

-How Caitlin has learned to embrace her 'weird.'

-Where Zach is working to build 'community.'

-Zach gets called out for not directly answering questions.

Episode Quotes

“It’s not about becoming, it’s about revealing what is truly already here and that is love.” -Preston Smiles


“What imprisons us also points to our freedom." -Preston Smiles


“I find that the very things that I think make me not belong, are the things that make me vulnerable and make me accessible to people and make me belong more than any act ever could.” -Caitlin Turner


“A human’s mission is to know ‘how can i own all of me, accept all of me, and not try to compare, and just own my worth.’” -Amber Valdez


“I think I have maybe some answers or guidance for people, but the truth is I don’t know shit.” -Zach Puchtel


“I think weird can be beautiful, it’s what makes us unique and the things that make us unique are generally the things that makes us the most lovable.” -Caitlin Turner


“Context creates space for content.” -Preston Smiles


“I am divine, straight up. And…I know you guys are too.” -Zach Puchtel