How To Authentically Stand Out

What does it take to disrupt the status quo?
What does it take to build a successful brand and business?
What does it take to establish authentic brand loyalty?


I’ve been more or less asking myself these questions ever since I started the podcast and started sharing my vision for a more connected and authentic world.


At times, I feel overwhelmed as I try to take on the status quo and encourage others to adopt the ‘Am I Being Real’ mindset. But thanks to the example of successful friends, like Scott Norton (co-founder of popular condiment brand Sir Kensington’s), I am often reminded that when you have the right strategy, a solid vision, unwavering tenacity, and patience, anything is possible.


As Chief Marketing Officer, Scott took Sir Kensington’s from small start-up into an influential player in the condiment space, thanks to his unique approach to authentic storytelling, value-based branding, and follow-through.


Here’s Scott’s ‘secret sauce’:

•Find an opportunity or problem you want to solve.
It helps to pick a problem or solution that falls within your expertise or strengths.

•Identify the core values and elements that make you and/or your offering important & uniquely different.

•Create a colorful story around your product and the core values.

•Speak about them honestly, proudly, and often – moving your audience into action.

•Put in hard work and be willing to grow & evolve.


Note – these steps aren’t only applicable to business; anyone with a message or a story to tell can apply these elements to their approach. And when coupled with the pillars of (what I like to call) “Kindfluence“–being caring, honest, and giving– in your approach to interacting with others, you set yourself up for the greatest chance of connecting deeply with your audience.


To get the inside scoop on how these principles played out in real life for Scott’s business and how you can apply them for yourself, check out Episode 210 of Are You Being Real?. Scott and I also talk about the origin of Sir Kensington’s, his approach to building a healthy company culture, and his “TOP 6” storytelling techniques.


Wishing you an incredible week full of amazing stories!



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