Cody Simpson’s Code To Authentic Living

Cody Simpson burst onto the scene and became an international pop-star after being discovered on YouTube and signing his first major record deal on his 13th birthday, back in 2010.


After releasing two enormously successful pop albums, and amassing millions of fans around the globe, Cody (now 18) left the label deal behind to follow his heart and make his own music.


Here is Cody’s Code To Authentic Living.


1. Ferociously trust your spirit.


2. Take risks if you are confident in your vision, and be patient & committed.


3. Use your doubts, fears, and the pressure of conformity to motivate & inspire yourself.


4. Take into account the opinions of those you love, but run full speed with your own ideas.


5. Be the best you can be. Keep learning, developing, and seeing the bigger picture.


For more of what’s real to Cody, tune-in to his appearance on The One & Only Podcast, in which Cody says is “the best interview I’ve ever done” and “the 1st time i’ve truly spoken my mind.”