Alicia Dunams

Episode 6 - April 5, 2015


Alicia Dunams is a bestselling author, has two incredible programs Bestseller in a Weekend and 6 figures in 60 days and she inspires thousands of entrepreneurs to play big and produce results. She also enjoys writing and producing with her daughter Izzy.


We talk about how Alicia has created her own path and the challenges she's overcome. We also dive into how she mixes feminine and masculine ways of being to empower action in others. Not to mention, we dive into the value in giving and receiving feedback.


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Show Notes:

-The power of vision, enrolment and delegation

-Why we should act on inspired thoughts with committed action

-Overcoming adversity

-The value on acting with speed and fearlessness

-The benefits of self care and having a 10 - 15 hour workweek

-Balancing the flow between masculine and feminine energy

-Why feedback is a gift and so crucial

-The benefits of standing in our power and protecting our mindset


Links Mentioned:

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-Learn more about MITT

-Get a copy of Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From the Rich Men I've Dated

-Sign up to Bestseller In A Weekend or 60 Days to 6 Figures

-Read The Way of The Superior Man

Episode Quotes

“Being an entrepreneur is about visualising what you want to create and implementing it.”


“Vulnerability and authenticity lead to intimacy.”


“Feedback is so crucial and at the end of the day we want everyone to win.”


“Play big with passion and live by example.”