Drew Levin

Episode 42- December 8, 2015


Drew Levin is an energetic entrepreneur and creator. He runs a successful real estate business, owns a Turkey sandwich company, and stars in reality TV show, Renovate To Rent.


(He also happens to be my cousin.)


In this episode, Drew talks about the keys to his success, his work ethic, approach to obstacles, and how he stays true to himself.


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Show Notes:

-The life of entrepreneur

-Coming up with great ideas and deciding what to execute

-The value of failure

-How to start a business without any previous experience

-Speaking your mind

-Learning through adversity

-The value of giving back


Links Mentioned:

-Turkey To Go

-Minnesota State Fair

-Renovate to Rent

Episode Quotes

"Treat everybody with the utmost respect."


"Finding a business parter, someone you can share that journey with."


"Redevelop all the time and weed out inefficiencies."


"I don’t over filter because I want to be who I am."