Carmina Becerra

Episode 9 - April 28, 2015


Carmina Becerra is a ball of energy and light. She is also an inspiration, has a huge heart and is wise beyond her years.


You may know Carmina for her appearances as a TV and radio personality. However she has many other amazing attributes, which include being a life coach, spiritual healer and philanthropist. She is also the proud owner of Pathways (Women's Sober Living Home) in Venice, California and co-founder of We Are Team I Am.


In this episode Carmina shares with us her valuable insights on self love, acceptance, the secret to feeling young again and how to influence change.


Plus, she opens up about a traumatic experience she overcame at the age of 16 years old, and how she now uses it to benefit and inspire herself and others.


Connect with Carmina: Facebook | Twitter | Insta | We Are Team I Am | YouTube


Show Notes:

-Why it's important to express yourself

-How sports and music can help with creative energy and expression

-The benefits of being the vehicle for change and breakthrough

-Being less impulsive and reactive

-How self belief and urgency can transform lives

-Intuition... and why we must listen to 'the voice'

-How to differentiate between your ego and your heart

-How to influence the new and old generation

-How to increase self love

-What is missing in the education system

-Giving vs Receiving

-Becoming comfortable being vulnerable


Exercise: How to be most true to yourself… Write down your qualities and learn to love them!


Links Mentioned:

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Episode Quotes

“Authenticity is the pure expression of freedom.”


“We’re all here for a major purpose which is outside of ourselves.”


“When you resist something in someone else, it’s something you’re resisting within yourself.”


“Be the example and be the change you want to see in other people.”


"When you find that freedom in your body, then you start finding the freedom within yourself."


"The more authentic I am, the younger I feel"


Less material things + Detachment = Freedom