Dale Thorhammer

Episode 130 - August 15, 2017


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Today we sit down with Dale Thorhammer, the transformational leader that if you haven’t heard about yet, you surely will soon. He’s worked with top influencers like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, and Vladimir Putin. Join us for a conversation that will make you laugh out loud, confuse fact with fiction, and turn the way you think about transformation and self-development on its head. Stay tuned through the end of the episode to hear from the man behind the man, comedian and social influencer, Ross Everett.


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Show Notes:

-Why Dale never makes the same mistake twice

-How to feel empathy

-Why pain exists

-Money? What’s that?

-What humans want most

-How Dale deals with his massive ego

-What you should do every morning when you wake up

-What Ross has learned from Dale

-Why it’s useful to have an alter ego

-The value of comedy and play in transformational work


Links Mentioned:

-Visit Dale's website

-Attend the Monthly Unwind

-Listen to Ross Everett on The One and Only

-Get your Organifi Red Juice today


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Episode Quotes

“My middle name is ‘fucking unstoppable.’”


“We create ourselves every day. Every day we decide who we are.”


“There is no better person for me to be.”


“We create what’s real.”


“Consciousness is choosing with intention.”


“Don’t let google autocomplete your thoughts.”


“Why get a life coach when you can be a life coach?”


“A woke society begets awokeness.”


“Enlighten up a bit.”


“You can be so much bigger than you are if you just separate from who you think you are.”