Dan Millman

Episode 121 - June 13, 2017


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Dan Millman is a legendary author best known for his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior which was made into a movie in 2006. He has published over seventeen books and just released his latest novel, The Hidden School, this past week. Today Dan joins us for his second appearance on The One & Only Podcast. We discuss his latest book, how to find life’s hidden lessons, whether or not free will exists, and some of the juicy paradoxes of being human.


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Show Notes:

-Dan’s theory of moments

-Why it’s important to market yourself

-When it’s hardest for Dan to be authentic

-Who The Hidden School is for

-What is fact and what is fiction in Dan's writing 

-When to tell the truth… and when not to

-How to see what’s hiding in plain sight

-Does free will exist?

-How Dan thinks about death

-How to find the perfect in any moment


Links Mentioned:

-Read The Hidden School

-Visit Dan's website

-Sign up for Winning Weeks


Question of The Week:

Are you being as real as you were as a child?

Episode Quotes

“The greatest lesson is the one I’m still learning.”


“Without a destination in mind, there is no journey.”


“Don’t act without thinking and don't think without acting.”


“Our quirks and our flaws are part of our colorful humanity.”


“Life comes at us in waves of change we can’t predict or control, but we can learn to surf.”


“You can deliver any message if it’s in the right envelope and it has a return address.”


“Whether or not free will exists, we need to live as if it does.”