Mark Shapiro

Episode 24 - August 4, 2015


I've been planning on a solo show for months, but to be honest, I was afraid. I've gotten used to the interview format, so this episode was like speaking naked.


Learn about how I discovered authenticity, why I started this podcast, and what authenticity means to me. Plus I discuss the top four reasons why I think authenticity is so important.



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Show Notes:

-Societal conditioning

-What authenticity means to me

-The difference between authenticity in the micro and the macro


Top 4 Reasons to be Authentic:

1) A Heightened Self-Awareness, together with Self-Expression, creates Confidence & Empowerment

2) No need to try to fit in; shine bright & naturally belong

3) Maximize your potential & feel fulfilled by living in sync with who you are & what you want most

4) You’re worthy & create immense value for others through radical honesty & the law of attraction


Links Mentioned:

Read this excellent book Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken.

Learn more about Brené Brown through her TED Talk.

Work with me

Episode Quotes

"It’s not always that easy to be true to oneself and be authentic."


"In order to feel fulfilled, be the author of your life."


"We create immense value for each other when we are being ourselves."