Mark Shapiro

Episode 137 - Oct 3, 2017


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In today’s nontraditional episode of the One & Only, we’re simulcasting an episode of James Maskell's Evolution of Medicine podcast. James interviews me about Winning Weeks, my 8-week virtual accelerator program for high performers. I discuss how I came up with the structure for Winning Weeks, why it works, and how you can become a part of it. I also give you the inside scoop on my recently published TEDx talk, “Want More Love? The art of authentic connection in a digital world.”


Show Notes:

-How Winning Weeks works

-Why Winning Weeks is for high performers

-How I came up with the structure for Winning Weeks

-Why we all have trouble asking for support

-Why group accountability works

-How to stick to the goals you set

-What my TEDx talk is all about

-Why social media is in its adolescent phase

-What being vulnerable and authentic on social media can help you achieve


Links Mentioned:

-Apply for Winning Weeks

-Watch my TEDx talk

-Listen to the Evolution of Medicine podcast

-Sign up for Evolution of Medicine's Practice Accelerator program


Question of The Week:

Are you being real about what you’re not being held accountable for in your life?

Episode Quotes

"We could all use more support in our lives."


"Every moment is a new moment to choose who you want to be."


“When we are not open and honest with other people, they have no idea how to support us.”


“If we better understand each other, we know how to provide value for one another.”


“Community is the best medicine.”


“We all want to be seen, valued, and loved.”