Jessica Winterstern

Episode 55 - March 9, 2016


Jessica Winterstern is talking the talk and walking the walk of self-love and authenticity. She is a writer for publications such as the Huffington Post, The House of Citrine, Dakini Magazine, leads celestial women's circles, and a coach who is all about living transparently and from her heart.


In today's episode, we talk about living through fear and discomfort, the differences between emotional and authentic love, and how to cultivate more self-love in your life.


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Show Notes:

-The meaning of authenticity

-The importance of sharing your gifts

-Leaning into discomfort and walking the talk

-The importance of having a vision/goals

-What she has learned from her coaching clients

-The value of writing love letters

-The difference between emotional love and authentic love

-How to cultivate self-love


Question of The Week:

Are you making self-honoring choices?


Exercise of The Week:

Set aside 10 minutes for a self-love meditation

Episode Quotes

"We all have unique gifts and talents to share, and when we don’t, we aren't honoring the people around us."


"Authenticity is walking the talk, showing up and being honest, even if it's scary and uncomfortable."


"On the other side of discomfort is magical opportunity."


"Being present, grateful, aware, and accepting are ingredients of self-love."


"Not sharing how you feel is selfish because it can be valuable to someone."