Dan Millman

Episode 52 - February 16, 2016


Dan Millman, best known for his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, is on a quest to help people become authentic, fulfilled humans.


His book The Four Purposes of Life is now out in paperback, and we take an in-depth look at the purposes and how they help shape our lives. We'll explore the difference between a career and a calling, why self-worth is so important, and why effort is success in and of itself.


Dan also opens up about his career path, his daily rituals, his core values, and more.


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Show Notes:

-Why self-knowledge is the key

-Why daily life is guaranteed to teach us everything we need to know as humans

-The Four Purposes of Life

-How intuition works and how important it is

-The difference between a career and a calling

-How to find your life path

-Why we always know our purpose in the present moment


Question of the Week:

"What do I really want, and dow do I know that I don’t really have it?"


Exercise of the Week:

Role Modeling - take in and practice the qualities of those you admire, and aim to influence and lead others by being an example


Links Mentioned:

-Way of the Peaceful Warrior

-The Four Purposes of Life

-EP 02 Zach Puchtel – Authenticity, Self Love and The Power of Asking for Permission

-The Life You Were Born to Live

-Life Purpose Calculator | Life Purpose App


Episode Quotes

"We are all stumbling toward the light together."


"Authenticity is getting back to a childlike simplicity, if you cry you cry and if you're happy you show it."


"Learning is not the icing on the cake, it is the cake."


"If we don’t learn the easy lessons, they tend to get more dramatic – first life throws a ping pong ball, then a bowling ball."


"Self esteem changes all the time, while self worth goes deeper into the subsconcious, answering the question - how good of a person am I."


"Ask yourself, what are my talents, what are my interests, and what are my values – find a job that matches with those."


"We can control our efforts in a specific direction, but we cannot control our outcomes."


"We are all living with a peaceful heart, but sometimes we need a warrior spirit."


"Having it all together is like eating once and for all – it doesn’t happen, it's an ongoing process."


"Life comes at us in waves, we cannot control or predict it, but we can learn to surf."


"We may not always know our cosmic purpose, but we know our purpose in the present moment."



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  2. […] For more from Dan, check out his incredibly insightful and inspiring wisdom. […]