Ricki Lake

Episode 148 - Dec 19, 2017

Ricki Lake on The One & Only with Mark Shapiro


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“It’s gotta be real, it’s gotta be Ricki.” As a movie star, an Emmy Award winning talk show host, and an acclaimed documentarian, Ricki Lake has built a career out of being real. In this episode, Ricki lets us in on how she got her first starring role in John Waters’ Hairspray, why The Business of Being Born is her proudest accomplishment, and why she’s glad she isn’t still a talk show host. Listen in to learn why this year has been the hardest one yet for Ricki, and how she shifts momentum to keep following her passions and make a positive impact.


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Show Notes:

-Why Ricki dreamed of being a star

-The life advice Ricki got from John Waters right before Hairspray came out

-The best and worst moments of being a talk show host

-Why 9/11 was a turning point for Ricki

-How The Business of Being Born has changed the story of birth in the US

-Why Ricki doesn’t like being a role model

-How Ricki shifts momentum out of dark times

-The surprising story of Ricki’s Emmy Award

-Why Ricki is glad she doesn’t still host a talk show

-Ricki’s next big project



Links Mentioned:

-Check out The Business of Being Born

-Start 2018 off with Winning Weeks

-Get your Organifi Green Juice



Episode Quotes

"The older I get, the cooler I get."

"I’m curious, and I give a shit."

“I am so far from perfect.”

“I am finding my true self through my greatest loss.”

“I forget I’m famous a lot of the time.”