Vincent Kartheiser

Episode 4 - April 5, 2015


Vincent Kartheiser has been an actor for 31 years and you may know him as Pete off AMC's Mad Men. Vincent has starred in many movies, TV roles and enjoys stage acting in shows such as Pippi Longstocking and Raggedy Ann and Andy.


He is fun, interesting, witty, wise and humble man and we talk about what it means to be real, how he lives an authentic life regardless of the characters he plays and the fame he's garnered and much more.


What I love most about Vincent is he is an incredible giver. He is self aware and present to everyone around him and he is always the source of being in service to others.


Show Notes:

-The meaning of authenticity

-Vincent's unique perspective on achieving dreams and letting them die

-The perplexing subjects that drive us

-Being comfortable with failure so we can take more risks

-How actors need to be a little bit of a massacist to do what they do

-The importance of managing a balanced life

-Vincent's theory about portraying the characters he plays

-The choice to live by expediency


Links Mentioned:

-Get ready for Mad Men's final season

-Learn more about artists Egon Schiele, Nerdrum and Tim Hawkinson.

-Visit The Neue Gallery in NYC and get a sausage at Cafe Fledermaus!

-Learn more about film makers Kubrick, Hal Ashby, Mike Leigh and John Cassavetes

-Check out one of Vincent's interviews with Rolling Stone

Episode Quotes

“A dream is a great thing but it’s not an end thing, it’s just another step.”


"I love failure. One of my goals is always to fail."


"People should be encouraged, even if their first effort isn't their best effort."


"As much as we're all uniquely us, we also all share a lot in common."