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                                                                                                                                             Bring in international keynote speaker, Mark Shapiro (Are You Being Real Founder and TEDx Speaker) to inspire & empower your employees, team, community, and students.

KindFluence - The most caring, admirable, and effective way to impact people.

Signature Keynotes & Workshops


The Art of KindFluence
The JOY-full approach to modern leadership, sales, and making an unforgettable impression – Communication techniques to transform your company culture and brand from the inside out.

The Art of Authentic Connection in a Digital World
Mark’s TEDx Talk on Digital Humanity

Are You Being Real Authenticity Workshop
2-3 hour exploratory & breakthrough workshop

"Mark's relatable, so people can say 'That guys is just like me, he had a great job, was married, and had the courage to make these changes.” Thus, People are more inclined to take the same leap and challenge the status quo.'"

Light Watkins. Author & Meditation Practitioner (Los Angeles, CA)

“It’s awesome to see how he’s rippled out the impact and carried the torch. He’s an inspirational guy, so it's no surprise to see people gravitate toward him. He impacts people in such a way where they would come out to anything, no matter what it is he’s involved with, people will show up."

Quddus. TV Host (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark creates a place and space for tears, fears, and cheers to flow with no judgement. Real is really the only thing you get from Mark in his coaching, speaking & workshops.

James Kinney. CEO, 30k FT (Los Angeles, CA)

I love what Mark's up to and how he shows up, open-hearted.  I think if more men truly stepped up to the plate and really stood in their authenticity, this world would be an even more incredible place. I’m thankful for what Mark is doing. I really acknowledge him for what he is so committed to creating. He’s connecting people.

JuVan Langford. Men’s Empowerment Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

"I learned that authenticity is achieved through practicing the key principles: being expressive, being present, and being true with your intention."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Incredible Workshop – I had several A-ha moments."

Quddus Phillipe. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Overall I felt very recharged and energized afterwards. I loved how good it feels to be vulnerable and open and have people truly give their best to listen in a non-judgmental way. Talking about deep stuff with complete strangers can be freeing. I also love the exercises, they were super fun."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"The workshop helped me specifically identify aspects of my life that I need to work on."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Thank you for creating a space where we could all be our true selves."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Best Speed Dating Ever! Friendly environment and people. Everyone was very organic and opened to meeting others. Not typical speed dating event at all. Everyone that is single must try this at least once. I got out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did. Met a great group of beautiful people."

Anonymous. Authentic Speed Dating Event Attendee (Los Angeles, CA)

"The event was pleasantly outside of my comfort zone at first, so much fun my cheeks hurt when I left!"

Anonymous. Authentic Speed Dating Event Attendee (Los Angeles, CA)

There are over 7 billion people, but only 1 of you – Cut through life’s endless noise and align with what really matters most for you.

This powerful workshop tackles life’s obstacles, challenges, and pressures head on through a series of exercises guaranteed to enrich your relationships, career, and overall life.

You will…

-Identify where & how you can be more real with yourself and others

-Get clear on your goals, values, and what’s most important

-Create an action oriented strategy to generate the life/results you desire

-Practice communication skills that will strengthen your relationships

-Learn empowerment & productivity techniques

-Learn empowerment & productivity techniques

-Meet & connect with inspired people

-Express yourself however you wish