Chris Hawker

Episode 19 - June 30, 2015


Chris Hawker is a serial entrepreneur and inventor, having brought hundreds of new products to market and helped other entrepreneurs bring countless more into the world.


He's committed to living by his word, and believes that in a society where honor and integrity are lacking, their is an opportunity for a comeback of both.


Listen in to hear how he thinks of great ideas, measures and assesses his ideas, and lives and authentic and balanced life.


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Show Notes:

-Chris explains his idea of the Mid Life Leap

-Why it is important to just get started

-How to be persistent and refuse to give up in order to succeed


-How focusing on the good outcomes of a conversation or event can help you create that result you want by using different tactics

-How to weed good ideas from the bad ones

-Why being unattached to good ideas can help you look at them clearly

-The importance of customer service

-Why it is important to have clear communication with your clients and to provide quality overall

-Honor and integrity

-Why it’s important to be in motion and not spin in circles


Links Mentioned:

-Learn more about the Quickey.

-Listen to the episode with Chris as a guest on The School of Greatness podcast.

-Check out Trident Design and Chris Hawker's Coaching website.

Episode Quotes

"Aim for what you really want. If you aim for less, than you settle for less."


"There’s an epidemic of a lack of integrity where people’s words don’t mean much, and a huge opportunity for a comeback."