Michael Strasner

Episode 22 - July 21, 2015


Michael Strasner is a transformational coach, but he still learns everyday and soaks up new things like a sponge.In this episode you'll learn his vision for the world and how he stays committed to it, even turning down large financial incentives to stay true to his mission.We discuss how he become a life and business coach, why he believes in and practices authenticity, and how he intends to transform hearts and minds.


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Show Notes:


-How to zero in on your mission, not just your goals

-How to soak up information like a sponge but also not compared people to yourself

-How self-worth grows when you are walking the talk

-The purpose of mind vs the purpose of heart

-How to transform the world by building a critical mass


Links Mentioned:

-Michael discusses his time working for Lifespring.

-Jenny Horne's speech (links to video) 

Episode Quotes

"When a vision and purpose is clear, nothing is going to rattle that commitment."


"I see myself as a sponge. Part of that is to embrace life and pick up what works and what doesn’t work."


"Authenticity is when one's public conversation and private conversation are aligned and on the same page."


"The meaning of life is to peel the layers back, and stop and look and choose the life that we truly want to live."