Eric Zimmer

Episode 18 - June 23, 2015


Eric Zimmer has been through a lot - from struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, to setting up multiple successful businesses.


He is now host of the hit podcast The One You Feed, based on a parable about a good wolf and a bad wolf.


Listen in to discover Eric's insights into living the life you want to live, and how to overcome obstacles without being too hard on yourself.


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Show Notes:

-How Eric founded his podcast The One You Feed

-His journey from being a drug addict and living in the back of a van by age 24

-How to feed your good wolf

-Why it is important to just start, and you can start without quitting your day job

-Why self-talk is one of the main things that goes on in our lives

-How to change your thinking and not be controlled by your mood

-How to build character and do the things that you value even when it is hard

-The parable of the second arrow

Episode Quotes

"You can’t think your way into right actions, sometimes you have to act your way into right thinking."


"Emotions are not emergencies"