Chris Lee

Episode 62 - April 25, 2016


Chris Lee is an amazing transformative teacher. In his new book, Transform Your Life, he’ll teach you 10 simple principles to live by that will change your perspective on life from one of scarcity to one of abundance. Dive into this interview to get his amazing knowledge on integrity, visualizing your goals, and more.


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Show Notes:

-How to shift to a consciousness of abundance

-Why a mindset shift sets us up for prosperity

-How authenticity is being connected to that inner child

-How to be a giver

-The importance of clearing the clutter of the mind

-Why integrity is an action

-Some tips for visualizing your dreams and goals

-How personal mantras will help achieve your dreams

-Why acknowledging a breakdown is the first step to fixing it

-About surrendering to the current moment

-The importance of having a tribe of people who believe in you


Question of The Week:

Am I living my dream today?


Exercise of the Week:

Create a gratitude list. Write down 15 things that you are grateful for.


Episode Quotes

"Abundance is not about what you have and what you do, it's who you are."


"When you reveal your own light, others peoples light starts shining too"


"The minute you own that you are a gift, then you can manifest it."


"Don't live your life based on other people's approval."


"When you are generous with the world, the world is generous with you."


"There is nothing more empowering than making a difference in other peoples lives."


"Integrity is a having a powerful base of principles and living them"