Chris Pan

Episode 203 - January 1, 2019


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When Chris started creating MyIntent bracelets for people, it started as a passion project. But it's become so much more than that. It's turned into a worldwide movement that's reached the wrists and necks many thousands of people, including celebrities like Larry King, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Conan O'Brien, and Kanye West (on the cover of TIME Magazine).


While these jewelry pieces are helping the wearer connect with their intention, they are also sparking unique conversations among strangers and creating a deeper connection between the person giving the piece and the person receiving it. And because Chris is providing the tools to make these pieces to whoever wants them, he's paving the way for greater impact and positivity all around the world.


Curious about the origins of MyIntent? Want to know which personal development programs have influenced Chris and Mark the most? Are you ready to create your word for 2019 and make this the best year yet? Then tune into to Episode 203 of Are You Being Real!


And if you're wanting to get your hands on your own MyIntent piece or maker kit, visit and use the code 'REAL20' during your checkout to get 20% off your entire purchase!



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Show Notes:

-A question Carmina Becerra asked that has stuck with Chris for years.

-Why Chris sometimes has a hard time believing he lives up the compliments he gets.

-Chris's biggest takeaways from his time with MITT.

-Chris's personal words for 2018 & 2019.

-Why Mark loves MyIntent

-What discipline and authenticity mean to Chris.

-The most popular words people choose (and why they may not be what we expect).

-Mark and Chris's favorite transformational programs.

-Three questions to ask yourself to find your word for 2019..


Things to Check Out:
MyIntent Project
Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT)
Camera Ready

Episode Quotes

"Who do you want to be?"


"What's your word?"


"There is validity in both sides of most stories."


"There's no wrong answers, only different answers."


"It's all about appreciation and gratitude."


"Doing the work; that's where all the impact is."


"People, more than ever, are hungry for connection."