Michael Ellsberg

Episode 63 - May 3, 2016


Michael Ellsberg is as refreshingly transparent as it gets. You'll understand why in this interview, where we talk about his new book, The Last Safe Investment, as well as sex, drugs, depression, and more. Listen in to find out how you can invest in yourself and live a more authentic & fulfilling life.


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Show Notes:

-How you can invest for the future

-Giving yourself permission to be your own crazy self

-How he lives such a transparent life

-What bliss-fronting is and why everyone’s life looks great on Facebook

-Managing the highs and lows of life

-Why the the investment advice you’ve been given does not work anymore

-Why retail therapy doesn’t work

-What are super skills and how they are different from market skills

-How to always add value to people’s lives

-The value of eye contactift to a consciousness of abundance


Links Mentioned:

-The Education of Millionaires

-8 Steps to Getting What You Want... Without Formal Credentials

-Michael Ellsberg's TEDx Talk

-Bryan Franklin

-A Brief History of Misogyny

-The Surrender

-Breaking Open the Head

-David Allen (GTD)

Question of The Week:

What is something sexually that you really want to experience that you haven’t experienced yet?


Exercise of the Week:

Make 3 lists about the question above. The first is a list of things you know you want to try. The second is a list of things you might want to try or are curious about. The third is a list of things that you know you don’t want to do.


Episode Quotes

“Transparency is sharing details and information. Authenticity is what’s true and real emotionally”


"The more you are open, the easier it will be to find your tribe”


“A great brand attracts as mush as it repels”


“Switch from 'what can I get' to 'how much can I give”


"Be willing to be seen emotionally"


"We are scared of eye contact because we are scared of our soul being seen"


“Be unashamed of what you want”