Mike Robbins

Episode 67 - May 31, 2016


Mike Robbins is a distinguished author and sought-after keynote speaker.  He has written three books including Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, and has spoken at some of the biggest companies in the world such as Google & Twitter. He gets raw and real in this interview, talking about the difference between being real and being authentic, the consequences of authenticity, and what he struggles with in his own life.


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Show Notes:

-How to create a new dream once another expires

-The distinction between real and authentic

-The mindset of a writer

-How to speak at fortune 500 companies

-What’s the story you’re telling yourself about your life?

-Public speaking

-How creation is not control

-The consequences to authenticity and why it takes immense courage

-The 5 principles of being yourself


Truth Challenge Extended:


Links Mentioned:

-Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken

-TEDx Talk: The Power of Authenticity

-Feel The Fear... and Do It Anyway


-Challenge Day

-Big Magic


Question of The Week:

How can I be even more compassionate with myself?


Exercise of the Week:

Look at yourself in the mirror, make eye contact and say I love you, and use your name.

Episode Quotes

"Authenticity is honesty without righteousness, and with vulnerability."


“The hardest part of anything is dealing with ourselves.”


“Don’t wait for permission to be ready.”


"Push past that edge where fear normally stops you."


"When we are scripted, we don't leave room for magic."


"Focus on your heart's desire and not your ego's demand."


“There is no amount of self-improvement that can make up for a lack of self-acceptance.“