Pauly Ting

Episode 194 - October 30, 2018


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We're taught at a young age that it's important to tell the truth, but the truth is, we all lie.  We lie to protect others, to protect ourselves, for the rush, or simply to be polite. We tell big lies, small white lies, and omit truths. But what would our life be like if we actually made it a priority to tell the truth boldly and resolutely at all times?


As Pauly Ting, founder of Bold&Resolute, says: "It's f***ing scary."


On Episode 194 of the Are You Being Real Podcast, Mark and Pauly have one of the most raw and truth-filled conversations ever recorded for the podcast.  Pauly gets real about the challenges of running a company based truth and living truthfully in his own life, his divorce, what radical honesty should look like, and how to tell the truth, regardless of your circumstances.  It's not enough to speak your truth. You need to speak it effectively!  Tune in to listen to this mic-drop of an episode!


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Show Notes:

-The role that truth has played in Pauly's divorce.

-Pauly's vision for his next relationship.

-The shame Pauly has experienced around power dynamics.

-The value of asking "What do you want?"

-What Bold&Resolute means.

-"Radical Honesty."

-Do people REALLY want 'the truth'?


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Episode Quotes

"The Truth will always come out eventually."


"Fantasy is reality without fear."


"The moment we start getting strategic, we're willing to lie."


"I get to choose the stimulus I want to be."


"I think all people want to be gotten."