Taylor Conroy

Episode 71 - June 28, 2016


Taylor Conroy is a social entrepreneur, impacting humans everywhere he goes. He’s the founder of Change Heroes and Journey, both which make the experience of giving to the world more fulfilling and real. In this frank and open conversation, we chat about the future of giving, being fulfilled, and creating an experience of oneness with our fellow humans.


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Show Notes:

-How Taylor has focused on transformation in his life

-The spring cleaning he is going through right now

-About Change Heroes and Journey

-How he makes it easier for people to go on impactful travel

-How to have an experience of oneness

-What his Journey experiences are all about and what they involve

-How people get motivated to donate to a cause

-What is the future of giving?

-Why millennials are changing the way that giving happens in America

-Why Taylor loves dating apps

-What it means to feel fulfilled

Links Mentioned:

-Ep 56 w/ John Halcyon

-Step Brothers movie

-Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

-Autobiography of a Yogi

-The Artist's Way

-Taylor's TEDx Talk


Question of The Week:

What would I love?

Episode Quotes

“Fulfillment doesn’t just come from giving, it comes with honoring what my soul and inner child want.”


"I tapped into my heart and asked what’s the most impact that I can make at this point?"


"At the end of the day, your subconscious doesn’t care how many people you impact, it cares about you, it wants you to be happy."


"Is it possible to replicate the experience of oneness in all human beings?"


"To shift society, we have to shift those human beings that are in that society."