Peta Wilson

Episode 58 - March 29, 2016


Peta Wilson is a creative warrior, actor, artist, and entrepreneur. Known for starring in the TV series La Femme Nikita, she is now a lingerie designer and outspoken proponent of authenticity. In this episode she opens up about a childhood in Papa New Guinea, being friends with Mick Jagger, and what creativity means to her.


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Show Notes:

-What happened when her handbag was stolen

-How to deal with being famous - advice from Mik Jagger

-How to express yourself

-Ways to be amazingly creative

-How she has might and what that means

-Being more yourself as you grow older

-Breaking through obstacles for transformation

-The rules to letting your imagination be the architect of your life

-How she started her lingerie company

-What she learned from the character of Nikita

Question of The Week:

Am I brave enough to be completely honest with myself?


Exercise of the Week:



Truth Challenge Extended:


Episode Quotes

"I’m definitely some kind of warrior. I have a ferociousness in me"


"Love = time. Give people time."


"When you’re connected to nature - there is a stillness. And it is in that stillness that I have dreamed my strongest dreams - and they have been the ones that came to pass."


"Vulnerability is your power, not your weakness"


"Am I brave enough to be completely honest with myself?"