Preston Smiles

Episode 13 - May 19, 2015


Preston Smiles will leave an impression on you immediately. He is intensely charismatic, loving, and inspirational.


He is a motivational speaker, author, and messenger of love. He coaches and teaches people all around the world.


In this episode, we explore his past, vulnerabilities, and wisdom that make him who he is today. You'll hear some amazing stories and learn some important lessons you can start using on your personal journey today.


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Show Notes:

-Why Preston is a messenger of love

-The story of how Preston witnessed someone’s last moments on this earth

-How to be bigger than yourself

-About the 3 Gs of Gratitude, Giving, and Growth

-How to stop comparing and start celebrating others

-How to start becoming a witness to your life

-Why we mesh better with certain people than other people

-Why conflict is natural and should not be shied away from

-How it always comes back to the self, and taking responsibility for all events in your life is very empowering

-Why you should try being in love with everything for a day


Links Mentioned:

Preston credits The Science of Mind with changing his perspective on life.

Book recommendations:

Conversation with God

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Episode Quotes

"Be on a journey to have the intuition voice, the true you, the higher self, speaking as much as possible.”


"Take responsibility for something that happens 10 thousand miles away. It’s super empowering.”