Peter Sharp

Episode 72 - July 5, 2016


Peter Sharp created the Liberators International Movement, a global community that produces acts of freedom and play in public spaces around the world. He joins us on the show to talk about finding his purpose, our responsibility to this planet, and why play is a universal language.


Connect with Peter Sharp: Website | Liberators Website | Facebook | YouTube


Show Notes:

-How Peter started The Liberators International

-The untapped potential in public space for people to feel connected

-How play is a universal language

-About his hitchhiking journey

-Giving people permission to dance on a train

-How to play with a stranger

-How capable we all are of rewriting history in the present moment

Links Mentioned:

-The Liberators International

-World's biggest eye contact experiment

-The 5 Regrets of the Dying

-Peter's TED Talk



Exercise of The Week:

Give high fives to strangers as you go about your day.

Episode Quotes

"Experiment with life. Road test and uncover your passion."


"Turn the seemingly impossible into the possible."


"The yearning for connection is universal."


"Be in your truth, speak it."


"Every single moment is an opportunity to create connection, share authenticity, and liberate one another."


"Play is a universal language we all have access to."